Board Adopts Policy on Cyber Harassment

It is the position of the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners (“the Board”) that cyber harassment by a licensee constitutes unprofessional conduct. The Board condemns all forms of harassment. The rising number of incidents of licensees using electronic means, including social media, texting, and email, to harass or intimidate another person requires acknowledgement by the Board.

The Board does not intend to review or regulate all online conduct by its licensees. However, any person who uses his or her status as a physician, physician assistant, or anesthesiology assistant, either express or implied, their professional network, or any information, knowledge, or instrumentality gained from his or her professional practice to harass or intimidate another person is guilty of professional misconduct.

Harassing or intimidating conduct includes, but is not limited to:  doxing, mobbing, swatting, flaming, review bombing, cyberstalking, bullying, shaming, and dogpiling.

Such behavior violates the high standards of honesty, diligence, prudence, and ethical integrity demanded from physicians, physician assistants, and anesthesiology assistants licensed in the State of Alabama.

Original article from press release.