Deadline Approaching to Renew Your Membership

In the realm of medicine, staying current with advancing knowledge and evolving healthcare practices is critical to delivering quality care to patients. The American Academy of Family Physicians membership is unified, meaning members are required to belong to the national AAFP and their state chapter, the Alabama Academy of Family Physicians. Members are also required to belong to a local chapter if one exists in their area.

Chapter membership makes it convenient for AAFP members to access relevant information and focused resources right where they live and work. Chapters offer local and regional opportunities to network, mentor, volunteer, take a leadership role, and get involved in the AAFP.

Your membership provides you with an invaluable platform for learning, networking, and collaboration in the family medicine field. Pay your dues before March 1, 2024, to continue reaping these benefits. You can utilize AAFP QuickPay or directly reach out to the AAFP membership team at 800-274-2237 to assist you through the process.

A minimum of 150 CME credits per three-year re-election cycle is required for membership renewal. Each credit represents an opportunity to broaden your knowledge base, refine your skills and, in doing so, maintain your invaluable membership.

What is re-election?

  • Active members are required to report 150 credits of CME every three calendar years as a condition of continued membership. This is called a re-election cycle.
    • For those members in their first re-election cycle, the cycle is four years: the year they became Active and the next three full calendar years.
  • In order to be eligible for re-election, members must earn the required CME credits within the re-election cycle.
  • Once members have met the CME requirement, they are “re-elected” to AAFP membership. If re-election requirements are not met, membership is canceled.

How do I know what my re-election cycle is?

Renewing your AAFP membership before March 1, 2024, should be a straightforward task, but it is an essential one. Simultaneously, completing your CME requirements is not just a mandate, but an opportunity to enhance your competence in the ever-evolving field of medicine.

Don’t wait! Renew your membership today!